COVID-19 Pandemic provides cities with fantastic opportunities to recover back to green mobility. This recent blog posted in The CityFix lists three effective New Energy Vehicle policies in China. These three aspects witness the shifting of policy perspectives, starting from financial incentives to advancing technologies, and now demand-side priorities, implicitly telling Chinese lessons to the world. As quoted from the blog:
China’s experience in promoting electric mobility is unique and can’t be exactly replicated. However, the country’s more than 10 years of aggressive electric vehicle policies can still provide valuable lessons to other countries who want to accelerate mobility electrification. As countries look for ways to recover from the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, multi-faceted electric vehicle policy packages can help pave the way to a more robust industry and safer, more sustainable streets.

China leads global NEV growth

Header Photo by Arun Raj on Unsplash. It was photographed at Shenzhen, one of the earliest cities in China that introduced ambitious NEV policies. Electric taxis showed on the bottom left corner.