Sustainable Safety in The Netherlands Creating a Road Environment where People on Foot and on Bikes are as Safe as People in Cars

This research article tells the story about how the Dutch efforts aggregated into a safe system approach called Sustainable Safety in 1990s and made the streets equally safe for all types of road users. The principal idea is that the whole traffic safety system should provide a reliable environment that caters to human behavior and shortcomings....

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3 Lessons from China’s Rocket Growth in Electric Vehicles

COVID-19 Pandemic provides cities with fantastic opportunities to recover back to green mobility. This recent blog posted in The CityFix lists three effective New Energy Vehicle policies in China. These three aspects witness the shifting of policy perspectives, starting from financial incentives to advancing technologies, and now demand-side pri...

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CE 2710 Transportation Engineering and Planning

Discussion/Tutorial Session 002D, 003D Fall 2020 Purpose Tutorial sessions will facilitate your study as a complement and extension to lectures, through contents reinforcement, problem solving practices, cutting-edge research and real-world engineering cases. The tutorials will also lead you going through two projects of this class- traffic sim...

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